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Bikeability Cycle Training FAQs


1.   Who can get FREE training?

Anyone aged 11 or over who lives, works or studies in Bristol can have up to 3 FREE one-hour Bikeability sessions. 

 2.   What type of training is available?

  • Level 1 will get you riding and develop your basic cycle skills.

  • Level 2 will show you how to ride safely in traffic.

  • Level 3 will enable you to cope with all traffic conditions including complex junctions, assertive positioning and rush hour tactics.

 3.   Where will training take place?

This depends on you and what you want to achieve. Our instructors will meet you at a convenient location – home, office, café etc. Training starts away from traffic, progressing to quiet roads and then busier commuter routes. If you have a particular journey you’d like to make, our instructors can ride it with you.

 4.   What do I need to take part?

All you need is a roadworthy bike and clothing suitable for the weather.

Bristol City Council strongly recommends wearing a correctly fitted helmet. High visibility tabards are provided for on road sessions.

 5.   I don’t have a bike. Can I borrow one?

Anyone in Bristol can borrow a good quality, fully equipped bicycle FREE

to try cycling for a whole month.

For full details see

 6.   Can I come with my friend?

Yes. Come on your own, with a friend or as part of a group.

 7.   I want to cycle with my family. Can I bring my children?

You can bring a child in a suitable child cycle seat, trailer or tagalong attached to your bike but you will need to have one session on your own with the instructor first. We can also arrange family training for parents and children cycling on their own bikes or individual sessions for ages 11+.

 8.   How do I book?

Complete the online booking form at:

An instructor will call you back to confirm all arrangements for your session.

Bristol Bikeability

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